Bishop arts incubator startup looking for potter 2022/11/1

One of my friends is trying to get someone to do live ceramics in a little incubator space in the middle of Bishop arts (410 N Bishop ave), could be a short term deal. Let me know if anyone you may know is interested



How fun!!!

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Let me see if I understand. They’re looking for someone to do pottery. You say “incubator”. Is this a space that the potter would have to rent? Would it just be a space where a potter could work? Is there a time commitment involved? (Times. Hours…)

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Yes it would be a lease. Supposed to be open most days but not a huge deal if out for whatever reason. Sounds like they’re pretty flexible about the lease term too, for sure can be as short as a year, might could be less. The tenant that was in the space before got the rights to a really sought after bigger one on Bishop that people were lining up for, solely because they were an existing tenant of the owners. They are called Ely, and moved into what was previously Ellison Valencia Gallery next door to Spinster Records. Seems like a cool opportunity to get to the middle of Bishop for cheap

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His contact info is [email protected] or (469) 938-1647 if you have any more questions

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Do the Ely folks do ceramics?

Very cool! I’ll make sure to announce it in our meeting on Tuesday 11/8 as well.

Thanks so much they’re also doing the same concept on Jefferson blvd, that ones cheaper link to video - Dropbox - updated_jefferson.mp4 - Simplify your life

They do not