Big broken machine frame

I have a rather large piece that needs repair. It is about 7ft X 5ft, made from 4in square steel, and weighs an estimated 1000lbs. Since we don’t have a forklift at DMS, I wouldn’t consider bringing it into the Metal Shop.

The frame needs to be straightened on a hydraulic press, welded back together, then reinforced to prevent this from recurring.

Attached is the CAD drawing with my finger pointing to the fracture location.

If any of you can recommend a Machine or Metal Shop in the area which can handle this job, please respond. Thanks!


Wow! How much weight was on it when I broke?

This could be done at DMS but there are a couple of things that need to be considered first.

The first being you are going to need to remove a lot of paint from this before any welding is done, if you can do that before bringing this to DMS that would be best. Removing the paint isn’t just where the crack is but also where the braces for the frame are going to be welded onto.

The next thing is how much can the frame be modified? When it comes to welding braces on this they need to be in spots where it will not affect the use of this frame.

Once those two things are considered it can be welded at DMS but it would need to be done in the automotive area as the welders can me moved out there. It would be best to do this in the morning or evening when there are fewer people at DMS. Using one of the extra heat resistant tarps in the metal shop would be needed to protect people’s eyes from the welding arc.

We do have pallet jacks an engine hoist and hydraulic tools.
The repair is not a big deal.
The question is why did it fail, and how.

I suspect Von Mises Forces. That frame is the yoke which holds up the jogger (vibrator) on a really big robot. The fracture seems to have started in the weld in that inside corner.

Looks similar to the frame for vibratory screens we used in the oil field for separating cuttings from drilling mud. The big difference, IT IS CLEAN. :wink: