Bezel Soldering Help Request

Is anyone going to be up at the space tomorrow that can help me with some noob problems regarding ring bezel soldering? Specifically the solder seems to be falling through the seam and I think I may have bought too-soft bezel.

Hope you got some help with this. My guess is you are not positioning your solder correctly. It needs to touch both sides of the join, and both sides need to be the same temperature when the solder flows. Otherwise, it will flow to the hotter side. Remember that solder doesn’t fill gaps, so things need to fit snugly. If you still have trouble, maybe you can make it to a class…

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Thank you! You are exactly right - I was mistaken that the solder was supposed to fill the gap. I’ve since practiced and everything is working properly now. I really appreciate the reply - this was a help

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Glad to be able to help.
Hope you can make it to a class sometime…