Best place to buy rough lumber?

Looking to buy a decent amount of hardwood (various types) and everything at rockler and woodworld is s2s and expensive. Anybody in the community have recommendations on a source of affordable quality hardwood?

Looking to buy one slab for a table and ~30 BDFT for other projects.

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For slabs, my go to is Northern Custom Hardwoods, 7377 Weiland Rd, Weatherford, TX 76088
Owner: David Sinkola, 817-501-8752. Specializes in large slabs, generally sourced from the Northeast. I have purchased 3" thick walnut slabs over 50" wide from them as well as large slabs of numerous other species. Call before visiting since they have variable hours.

You might also check with these DMS makers who also have wood for sale:
Kyle Alty (various species) & Jeff Bob Whitcomb (mesquite).


Thanks @bertberaht

In roughly the order of my favorites:

Hardwood Lumber Co.
Dakota Hardwoods
Fort Worth Plywood Co.
Brazos Hardwoods
Central Hardwoods

Don’t forget wood world across from TI

I believe this is wood world.

There’s also this list on the DMS Wiki:

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And I just finished adding the new suggestions listed above.


Actual name is Plywood Company of Fort Worth

Two others for this list (which is lumber, not so much for slabs):
Sweeney Hardwoods
Straight Line Hardwoods, Inc.

I have about 2 tons of dried slabs that will be cheaper than any store.


Sweeney’s has rough lumber in “the back” they sell fairly cheap. but you have to ask for it. Hardin sawmill in sanger has slabs of local hardwood. Nut house sawmill north of bonham has slabs of local hardwoods. Finally, try mesquitevalleywoodcrafts in Waco for mesquite slabs (they have a lot). call before you go. Good luck!


I have some mesquite slabs and a lot of 4/4 mesquite.
I live in Denton.