Bendt distillery in need of 3-5oz bottles

Bendt distillery is distributing free of charge hand “cleaner” aka sanitizer to the public (I don’t think they legally can call it sanitizer…but thats not the point). They have run out of 3-5oz bottles and they are having a tough time finding more. If you have a stockpile or know of a source that they might not be aware of please contact them and let them know.

{activate village mode people activate village mode}

(214) 814-0545


I really wanted that to say “activate village people mode.”

It’s fun to play at the Y-M-C-A…

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Every good gang needs a song - that can be ours.


I’d wager they are probably shut down, but this is my favorite container source:


Have them send a copy of the news article and a request to [email protected]

They have an online form, but I’d try to bypass that since they say 4-6 weeks…

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Sent it off to them. Great idea.