Benches moved away from wall - move back?

Two of the three benches along the west wall are moved away from the wall. It looks like we had a water leak.

Can these be moved back, or are we waiting for some sort of repair?

They were moved by others on Sunday to avoid the water leak. If there is no risk of more water leaking onto any sensitive electronics then moving them back should be fine. At the time of my most recent knowledge of this, which was shortly after they were moved, no repair was mentioned.

Ah. If there was a leak then, there will be a leak later. The landlord is in charge of getting the roof fixed, and they’ve been sloooooooooooooooow. If the benches are moved back, buckets and plastic sheets should be purchased to shield the equipment.

Any idea on how bad the leak was?
Some long while back there was a dripping leak. Think it got fixed.

If it’s the same level of leak as the Pillar Room is getting, it takes a heavy storm to start leaking.

Although, the leak hasn’t come through the roof yet in Pillar…