Bench Grinders now Require Training

Due to substantial abuse of the grinders, and a general lack of literacy amongst users, the bench grinders have been pushed to training required.

It is a short, 5 minute quiz. When you walk up to the grinder it has a QR Code, and upon completion of the electronic quiz (via Google education quizzes), it will respond with that the member missed and an explanation of what was wrong. There is no limit on attempts etc since it explains the answers. Upon completion a code is displayed to unlock the power box.



This is a hassle but I agree with it, it really bugs me to see aluminum embedded in a grinding wheel or the corners rounded off, or a deep groove cut into the face of the wheel.


IMO, that’s a really smart solution Jim. I kind of hope to see that more widely used around the machine and metal shop. If people don’t already know those tools can kill you pretty quick. The grinding wheel, when loaded with aluminum, can explode.


I have updated the Tools wiki to include this information.


There’s a video of a simulation of that happening in the training if you miss the question on what is an isn’t allowed to be ground with a stone wheel.


We will get the information as soon as we can. As of now there is a QR code on the side that will take you there.

@schundg here is the link for the test.


Two semi wrong answers from me :frowning:

Thanks for the link @TBJK . I completed the test and learned a few things about metals I don’t use. Also didn’t know brake rotors could go in the scrap bin.