Belt sander training

Is there someone willing to train me on the belt sander? I will pay for a session.
Thank you!

When you say belt sander I’m assuming you really mean the KMG belt grinder, as the metal shop belt sanders do not require training. That’s a blacksmithing thing


I think that there’s a QR code on the KMG for an starting-point class, after which somebody in Blacksmithing would get you signed off on it… Maybe… YMMV…

And… if you go to the Wiki, type “tools” into the search bar, and then select Blacksmithing, it will give you a couple of things to check out first.

As a lazy old person, I find it slightly annoying that there’s no spot on the front page of the Wiki that leads you there. If one of the options under “Tools” does that, I don’t know which one. It’s not intuitive for me.

Yes you are correct. Sorry for posting in the wrong forum

It looks like there are two youtube videos and pdf about belt materials at the tool wiki

That’s all I’ve got. Right now we’re waiting for somebody in Blacksmithing to speak up.

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The QR code is on the Metal shop bench grinders; The KMG is part of the blacksmithing 101 class last I recall

When will you be available? I will try to meet you at the space and do a one on one training with you.

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I’m available any day after 4pm, Fridays after 11 am, Saturday and Sunday any time

How about Friday at noon

Sounds good see you then

I might be able to help. There are some less-than-obvious links on the Tools page.

I’m not sure what you mean when you say “there” …

To the actual Tool page with the listing of all the tools.

Try this …

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Ah. Missed that one. I keep looking over on the left.

Yah, the one on the left takes you to Wiki tools; which is NOT what people are looking for.

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There are training decks for both the KMG and the Induction Forge. There is/was a blue three-ring binder on the shelf next to the powder coat oven with hard copies. Digital copies are on the Committee drive in the Blacksmithing folder.

If you can’t find them for some reason, I have copies at home as well - just let me know.

They are meant to be used to teach a class on the tools, so you’d still need some hands-on instruction from someone on @Team_Blacksmithing.

Would I be able to join Friday at noon for the KMG training/blacksmith by any chance? I can pay as well.

Absolutely there is no need to pay for this training it’s always been Free and always will be.

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