Bee Removal aka Free Bees

I have a opportunity for some free bees (sweat equity required). Family has bees in the eve of their house, first floor. Something I normally take care of but I’m dealing with an injured knee at the moment.


A beekeeping friend suggested this may be of use:


Thanks for the link. I knew about Trinity Valley as well as Denton and Collin county.

I was looking to see if any of our members wanted the chance to get a hive for almost free. I get calls about bees all spring and summer long, some I collect myself others I pass to the local bee club members.


i really really wish i had extra boxes or i would try to save these bees. great opportunity for someone with a spare hive! thanks for reaching out to the makers @sk8nmike :slight_smile:

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I’m interested! I have a hive with bees and an open hive.

Jerry, are you still keeping bees? I have some in potted plant you are welcome to.

Yes! Let me know the details. Thanks!

Just make sure they’re bees, not hornets. Bees don’t typically make hives underground (though I have removed them from a water meter compartment before).

If ground hornets, 4-5 Tablespoons of Dr Bronner soap in 5 gals of water will drown them out and shouldn’t hurt the plant. The soap is needed as a surfactant to allow the water to get past the waxy chitin and into their spiracles. Best done in the dark well after sunset.

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