Becoming a Notary - surety bond resources?

I’m thinking of becoming a Notary Public. Texas requires a $10,000 surety bond for notaries. Being as I know absolutely nothing about such a thing, I was hoping someone could point me to a reliable/reputable place to get bonded.

I’m a veteran, and a USAA member, if that would make a difference.


It’s pretty cheap. Any place offering “surety bonds” (usually insurance companies) can provide one.

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I think the notary kit I bought provided mine.

Truth be told, no real personal benefit to becoming a notary. You can’t stamp yourself and most people will tell you not to stamp for your family. Not much money to be made. Last I checked I thought it was limited statutorily to something like $6 or $8 a punch.

Now if your boss wants you to get one… totally different story.

I think I’ve found an all-inclusive service out of Houston that does all of it. I’ll report back once I have it all figured out. Work will reimburse, but I’m doing it more as a neighborhood service.


Mine was thru Am Assn of Notaries I believe. Only thing I can say is that I got it all…

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Update: Process complete. I need to find a notary to swear me in, then I’m good.

I went thru American Association of Notaries as well, The surety bond is part of their package.

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