Battlebots/Robot Builders: Ragebridge2 - DC motor controller w/current limiting safety function

New Indiegogo product launch…

“RageBridge 2 is a no-frills and robust dual-channel DC motor controller for robotic and vehicular drivetrain applications. It can supply 50 amps per side continuously. An ultra-wide (8 to 40 volts) input range maximizes versatility and allows it to be used in many different systems. A large and fully isolated heat sink base allows you to attach it to a metal chassis for even better thermal performance.”


That is pretty awesome,
To bad that guy still hasn’t fixed his hair from robot wars. :smile:


I built a dual channel 30amp/channel controller when I was building combat robots but that was 10 years ago, this design is tiny compared to the one I built, he must use way more efficient FET’s

Once you throw in those NPC motors and large amperage battery packs, not to mention machining time, combat robots are definitely not a cheap hobby…