Baseball Glove Restoration

Working on breathing life back into an older baseball glove. Do we have tools for relacing? Possibly also consumable lace for purchase?

Thank you!

No lacing, unfortunately. Not sure what other equipment you’d need - we tend to run light on anything other than general equipment at the moment.

the evil empire (known as Tandy) use to have what you need. The best stuff was a 3/16" latigo lace but I only see the 1/8" on their site now. I don’t know how well that will hold up.
Needle wise, they have done away with their glove restoration needle (long reach needle) like 10 years ago. The permalock’s are garbage. You might do better with a jerk needle where you can fish-hook it and pull it to you. If you’re having to redo the webbing the 1/2" wide latigo strips will likely work.

P.S. here is a quick restoration video on YouTube: Glove restoration