Bad Capacitors plaguing your electronics? We have a class for that

Hey folks, it’s high time we run our class on Bad Capacitors once again. Capacitors are important to your electronics, providing filtering, tuning, and timing capabilities, but in older devices, they can become pesky as they age out, off-gas, dry up, leak electrolytic goo, or even explode. Replacing capacitors is an important part of any restoration, so join us to learn about the types of capacitors, testing techniques, and methods for removing and replacing them.

It’s an online-only class that @Raymond will be narrating. With tons of potential interest from the Computer Reset group, we are limiting attendance to 50 people so he’s not overwhelmed with questions. Be sure to watch for signups to open at !


Thursday, dammit…
I appreciate VECTOR and Raymond putting this on, even if I can’t be there… :+1:


No worries, we’ll probably pick a different day of the week next time (Thursday is the first day from now that I could get honorarium :wink:), plus schedule some weekend sessions that @childofthehorn will narrate.

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I see that the class has already filled. Any chance the class could be recorded and made available after the fact for other (like myself) to watch?

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It’s not technically a listed event yet, so it’s prolly in its 72-hour limbo till about 6:15 tonight. Try again later this evening!

Friendly reminder that registration for the Bad Caps class is now open, and there are plenty of spots left! Raymond & I hope to see you there at this or a future edition!

Ditto. Can’t make Thursday … One of these days I’m going to power-up those Trash-80s … would be nice to know what I’m getting into before hand.

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The Bad Caps class is full! Watch your email for the conference link. Please cancel if you can’t make it, so someone else can attend. If this goes well, we’ll run more in the near future.


I posted the recording I made to my YT channel.

Camtasia recorded an echo for audience questions through my mike even though there was no echo during the live event.


Thank you!

For what little my experience with Camtasia is worth, if the editor mutes the presenter mic during the sections when the system sound is being recorded (when the audience talks, in this case) the payoff is massive…