Bad Break - Great Timing & Location - Ingenious MAKER Fix

Not quite made at the space but I had to throw together a jig to press my drag link end at the pitman arm. The sucker broke on me while getting ready to leave.


You’re supposed to AVOID the big boulders when offroading! :smile:
But props on the “in the dirt” repair!

Lol. It broke as I was getting ready to leave to get my wife’s car. 2 tires blown out this morning. Nothing like turning to leave to hear a nice pop. It was right in front of my house. Blocked my neighbors driveway partially too for a bit.

Ironically this has happened to me before in my Jeep about 5 years ago. That was an interesting fix too. Water moccasin ran under as we pulled back up to put the part back on.


Good thing it broke at low speed! That failure would be really unpleasant at 65 MPH.

I had my car break down in the driveway once.

For a split second it was an "Aw S’ " moment. Then I thought “Thank you Lord!” Every other time it breaks down I found my self saying “Why couldn’t it happened at home or closer to home!” Well, I figured a prayer was answered.


I could not have asked for much better timing for sure. It would have been nasty on 35 in all the twists and turns that it currently has. I did have to make that “jig” because the 4# hammers wasn’t getting it done.