AWESOME review of How Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot Works!

How Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Works!

Very cool. Am I the only one worried that someone will strap an IED to his back before setting him out on an autonomous assassination mission?

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I was thinking it could get me a beer and take out the trash, but yes we could also use it to kill people lol.

The new BBC War of the Worlds on EPIX used copies of their designs for killer robots. They kind of come across more as friendly dogs than killer robots.

I’m sure DARPA is working on it.

After looking at the estimated price, yeah I think you’re the only one worrying about that. :smiley:

James Bruton has been building his version - as well as several other interesting robots. Most of them are from 3D printed parts and other easily obtainable items. While not as polished as Boston Dynamics’ version, it is still pretty impressive.


What’s estimate price?

The Googly told me it’s in the ballpark of “a luxury car.” Something else said $22,000 but now I can’t find that again. And they’re only going to put about 1,000 out into the market so they’ll be choosy about who gets one.

Not to worry, there’s always the possibility someone who watched enough Mythbusters could mod a rental truck with some heavy duty servos and a cheap drone autopilot if you really want to worry about drone bombs.

Thanks! Now I’m worried about both robot bombs and drone bombs.