Available for Work


If anyone needs anything done, just let me know. I have experience in woodworking, landscaping, home repair (including minor plumbing and electrical), sheetrock taping and bedding, painting, knife making, furniture construction, and small crafts (including, but not limited to, cutting boards, picture frames, knife blocks, jewelry, and stained glass). Basically, if you need something made, done, repaired, or otherwise taken care of, let me know. I offer excellent results for reasonable rate.

My rates are $15.00/ hour (two hour minimum) + materials + fees (such as if a permit is needed, or if a rental is required)

If you have any further questions, then you can send me an email at [email protected], or call me at 817-201-6562, or message me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/zachofalltrades49/

Thank you very much,
Zachary Markson


Can @Team_Logistics pay this person to spruce up DMS? Ceiling tiles, paint, door knobs, all the miscellaneous messed up stuff that nobody else has volunteered to do.


The problem with paying one member to do this is that other volunteers are going to want to be paid for what they do. Where does it end?


This can be forked to a new discussion (@Team_Moderators). No need to clutter up this job posting. Volunteers have tried to do lots of stuff but it hasn’t always worked out. For example the board wanted to hire a bookkeeper instead of relying on volunteers. We can’t just stop doing important stuff because volunteers didn’t work out as expected. Stuff still needs to get done. Didn’t we hire an electrician to change all of the ceiling lights to LED? Volunteers changed out some and upgraded some over time but it was a lot of work that stalled after a certain point.