Autonomous vehicle build

Would any one want to get together and build a small (rc size) autonomous vehicle as a side/hobby project. I am not sure where and how to start but could be nice thing to do.

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Come to the Tuesday night Robotics meeting. They are doing cool stuff along these lines.


What are the essential components of a autonomous vehicle. Do you know of any book or video. Just wanted to get the foundations right to start. Also what programming language is used (python?)

paging @thespacemaker he’s building a donkey car

I actually wanted to do autonomous drones but soon realized its bit costly after I shot them into trees and never able to retrieve them back :rofl:
So I thought lets do something on the ground before trying to fly :sunglasses:

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This is a great time to jump in!

DPRG and Hackster DFW are talking about hosting a series of sessions this year around this open source project:

Donkey Car has a pretty active and world-wide community. The project seems to have decent documentation. There are meetups all over the place with that platform as base.

At least one DPRG member has a donkey car largely built & ready to program. At least one Hackster DFW person has an official donkey car kit ready to build. Some other DPRG members are hoping to port the donkey car codebase to an existing e.g. differential drive robot.

Many DPRG members have recently been getting more involved with computer vision. This year we’re hoping to get our feet wet with neural nets - in fact - neural nets in the loop between computer vision and actuators…

So we’re hoping these donkey car sessions will give a good ‘hello world’ chance to get familiar with concepts and workflows… It’d be great to have more people jump in…

BTW - this example just surfaced of one person who went to town on a donkey car based platform - FPGA accelerated stereo vision - LiDAR - etc…

So don’t give up on your drone - perhaps the sky is the limit after all…

@thespacemaker rumor has it you’re building a donkey car - I hope we’ll see you tomorrow at the DPRG meeting :slight_smile: