Automotive Parts Washer?

Do we have a functional parts washer that could be used to clean up some heavily varnished valve covers and maybe an intake manifold?

If so, what are the requirements for pre-cleaning and/or degreasing parts before using the washer?


There is a enclosed heated aqueous parts washer next to the red hydraulic press in automotive.
No training is required but common sense is.
Please scrape off heavy deposits of grease and dirt from your parts BEFORE trying to clean them in the parts washer.

note: there is a compressed air blow gun inside the parts washer so that you may “blow dry” your parts before removal so you don’t drip on the floor.
I’ll be there tomorrow working on a few projects if you need help in automotive.

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Any idea what the status of the parts washer is?

I appears to be drained of solution.

When I was out there last week for Lift training I looked it over and it was missing its plug for a 110v outlet. I have a new plug that I was going to bring out later this week and planned on asking if it was ok if I replaced it.

It had the plug a few days ago (after I had noted it was missing one; someone beat me to fixing it the next day apparently).

Being empty of solution is news to me; I’ll have to take a peek when I’m there next.

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I got a new plug on it a little while ago. I just saw that the light came on, didn’t check the fluid levels.

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When I mash the pedal no fluid sprays from the nozzle. The barrel feels empty. I saw there is a drum of parts wash nearby but didn’t want to do anything lest I screw it up. I didn’t know if maybe it had a leak or something else wrong.

The water has to be topped off from time to time. Since it has a heater in it, it does a pretty good job of speeding up evaporation.

Yep, I usually grab the water cart from metal shop and fill it up. Dipstick for it is on top of the committee cabinet I believe

15 gallons later & a gallon of concentrate she is relatively good. However the pressure relief valve is missing. The interim fitting is leaking by.


Thanks guys. I didn’t realize it had to be topped up.

Tim, was the extra gallon of concentrate just because it took so much water, or is there a specific brix/ph/etc we try to hit in the parts washer?

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It was a seat of the pants kinda thing. The ratio can vary on the concentration desired. I added it after running it without seeing any suds. I figured we were not using the heavy ratio sense we have had that 5 gallons for some time.

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There is a stainless steel “dipstick” on top of the green locker in Automotive for checking the fluid after removing the filter sock.

I checked it this last week - I cleaned out the sock(somewhere there is the box of of new filter socks), but didn’t have time to add water.

Hey folks, there’s a hole in the left glove thumb. I got parts washer juice all over my left arm yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder if this can be patched or if it needs to be replaced.

Also, the water seemed a bit dirty to me. Does the water need to be changed? What do we do with the old water?

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ll check on finding some gloves for it

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Can you find out where the jiffy bag (large envelope) of filter socks is ? If not can you order more?


It is in the locked committee storage door, there are still another 6 or 8

I used to dispose of the old fluid when I cleaned it the drum - a lovely task getting the silt and crud off the bottom of the drum (if done properly)…

Some suggested getting with the machine shop folks about using Tim’s heated skimmer let it evaporate off in their tank.

I discovered another Wilton vise - in a dark back corner of my garage during a clean out, if you are still looking for a vise Freddy.

Yessir! Text me some details please!