Automotive meeting 2/11/2024?

I heard there is usually an automotive meeting on sundays but i forgot the time…
Is there a meeting tomorrow? If so what time? I would like to attend and learn more about volunteer opportunities.
P.S. I want to thank Chris for going above and beyond for giving us a tour last minute and helping with the fob programming.

I think that Automotive only has monthly meetings. Motorsports meets every Thursday (pretty much… give or take… depends on the race schedules) at 7 pm.

I sorted the Calendar for Automotive, and their last committee meeting was Monday 1/29. @sixshot357 hasn’t loaded all the committee meetings for the next few months, as many Committee Chairs do. So, there’s nothing out there on the Calendar At This Time.

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Thank you so much for the info and your time. I will try to go on thursday if i see it on the schedule.