Automotive Committee Minutes - 20200628

Time, location

2020-06-28 15:00; Automotive Bays


  • Jim Hartnett
  • Michael Bayern
  • Allan Wan
  • Patrick Thompson


  • None

Tasks completed

  • Minor cleanup

Issues Identified

Committee noted that with machine shop move, signage for various rules had disappeared and needs to be rehung. Investigate putting core rules regarding vehicle traffic on the ramp door.

Discussion Notes

  • Signage
  • Committee discussed the status of Automotive 101, which we agreed had no reason to have a motion about it because we all agreed it was unnecessary to bring that hell of a requirement back
  • Allan Wan issued a motion to reduce the membership rate for Automotive members to $64.95. This motion failed to reach vote after an anonymous member explained to Allan that the current rate of membership is only $60

What a bargain! Can’t believe you didn’t go for it, lol.

TLAR didnt go

That wasn’t intentional, sorry that happened, I don’t remember taking anything down except the press which we put back but not bolted into the concrete.