Automotive Committee Election?

Who needs to put up a committee election for Automotive?

It needs to be scheduled on the calendar at least 13 days 12 hours in advance. It also must be announced on the forums.


@TLAR? @worldcloud? … can you do this?

I’ve posted a meeting for this on the calendar for Wed May 29th at 2000 to meet the bylaw requirements.




Thanks Freddy!

Good luck to the next chairperson !


Thanks for all you have done Tom, I’ll throw my hat into the ring. Think a DMS Drag program at the 1/8th mile in Sanger could open many doors for the Space!!!

Run for Motorsports then. Would be fun


As most people in Automotive know… I also have thrown my hat into this race. I have served as vice-chair for the past year. I have taught 75+ classes at the space, and I have put significant time and discussion towards the plans for Automotive expansion. I have also generated more revenue for Automotive than any other member (teaching). I regularly get others Automotive advise and assistance, and will continue to do so- no matter the results of the election.

I also I’m no stranger to the mop inside the Automotive area. Although I have no issue with a DMS Drag car, I agree that ‘racing’ is the stated focus of Motorsports. My goal as the next Automotive Chair is to focus on better organization of tools, more classes, and a well-thought out plan to utilize our new space. I have already begun working to involve additional teachers, coaches, and a tool manager.

Currently, I have been working with the Expansion Team and the Fire Safety Engineer to get the information they need to get the new space ‘approved’ by the city. We have until June 1, to present a plan, thus I have ‘mocked up’ the new space, taken photos, made sketches, and have plans which I am happy to discuss. If I am elected, these plans are ready to be presented before the June 1 deadline. I we do not get this information to the team, the Automotive expansion will likely be delayed.

I am also at the space and the Automotive several nights a week and I’ve attended (almost) every Automotive committee meeting for the past two years. Although we do not have ‘prerequisites’ for this position; I feel that the relationships I have with many of our ‘more-active’ Automotive members make me qualified to take over for Tom. I feel that if you have not attended an Automotive committee meeting and/or have not taught a single Automotive class, it may be difficult to ‘come up to speed’ (rbox80?).

I have Tom’s support, as well as many of the current and past Board members, and most of the ‘regulars’ in Automotive. I have asked Tom to serve as my vice-chair as he is a wealth of Automotive knowledge and I feel that it is important to have consistency with our members and our suppliers. I do not wish to ‘start over’ as a new chair, but to take up the mantle and embrace our successes as we address our challenges.

I would invite anyone interested in the success of the Automotive committee to come and participate in the chair election. I would also like to ask for your votes. If you have any questions about my plans, my policies, and/or goals for Automotive, please do not hesitate to ask- either via Talk, email, and /or in person.

I think that there are a number of successful projects that get completed on a weekly basis, but I also see a number of ways we can better support of members.