Authenticating Rolex’s

Iv inherited 2 “Rolex’s” that didn’t come with any papers and have done a lot of research but to authenticate them, Id have to pay $150 each, which I’d rather not do unless im confident that their real. I don’t have the tools needed to open up the back and or remove the band of the watches to find the serial number. Do we have tools to accomplish this?

I am a school trained watchmaker and I used to work for Rolex USA . I can open them properly and authenticate them for you and then close them back up . Let me know when you are going to be at the space and i will bring the tools



And by the way, for reasons I will share when we speak in person , I can tell from the pictures that the news is not good on the silver day date president model and MAY not be good on the two tone datejust model.



Oh wow! I wasn’t expecting this level of expertise and am relieved. I didn’t have my hopes up too high but I did go down a rabbit hole and now I’m super interested in the authenticity process of Rolex’s. I am free all this coming week so the ball is in your court when you’d like to meet at makerspace. Thank you very much for the time and knowledge.

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Kevin, a man of many talents!


I will bet they tonight from like 6:30-930 in the plastics shop