Auction Pickup 1 - 6 Saturday - expect higher temps inside

As of this morning there are bids on all but 68 lots which means over 300 lots will be picked up on Saturday.

The forecast on Saturday is for sunny sky’s and 99 degree temperatures. The warehouse areas of DMS are already struggling keeping to 75 degrees during the hottest parts of the day so please anticipate the 102 warehouse doors being open more, and higher temps inside as a result.

@Team_Machine_Shop @Team_Ceramics - you both have events/classes scheduled at this time.

Reminder: No DMS members are to assist with loading or unloading of lots; Warren Liquidation will be handling that and by doing so be covered under their insurance. If you are picking lots up that you won at auction though then by all means, meet with Warren to load up your loot!

Thanks in advance for working around this inconvenience. The 102 warehouse is going to look very different after all these lots are picked up and gone!