Auction of Nick Silva's Tools

Nick’s brother Jesse reached out to me trying to find a contact from DMS. I replied and got this response if anyone is interested, please reach out ot him.

Thank you Mr. Fleming for responding to my email. My brother Nick had no other family and me and my brothers all live outside of Dallas. We will be in Dallas next week to hold an estate sale of all of Nick’s belongings. He lived a house that might have well been a leather/wood/metal shop. He has numerous tools, stamps, leathers, and exotic woods that would probably benefit many of the people at makerspace. If you or any of your peers at Dallas Makerspace are interested in any of these materials or tools, (laser printer, presses, saws, and alot of othe tools. please contact me at 956-307-0920 or [email protected]. I plan to have the sale on the 16-17-18th of March but will be willing to have private showings for anyone at Dallas Makerspace on the 15th before the sale. If you know or can even connect me with Tim Bene @TBJK at the metal shop I would appreciate it. I would like to thank him for having the get together for Nick. If you would please let all that would be interested in seeing or purchasing any of Nick’s equipment please feel free to let them know and give them my number and email.

Thank you
Jesse Silva


I certainly can’t take the credit for the get together, that was @Photomancer.


I am interested in going to the sale. Does anyone know the details of it?

The top post has Jesse Silva’s email and phone number…


From Jesse:

Thank you and good morning. The sale will be at 9521 frostwood st. This is in south east dallas, pleasant grove area. The sale will be open on Wednesday March 15 to all DMS members only and then open to public Thursday Friday Saturday. My name is Jesse Silva and my number is 956-307-0920. Please pass along the information to all your DMS peers. I’m sure Nick would rather all you guys share his tools and would take peace knowing you guys would appreciate them more. If you would like to meet at a specific time please let me know and we will make sure we are there. Thank you again

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What time would the sale be at?

No info concerning Wednesday, but Craigslist post has public days listed as 8:00 - 5:00.

Nick’s LinkedIn page is interesting and the About section is indeed Nick!

I was out at Nick’s on Wed.
Lots of leather working tools, stamps, and lots of leather.
Lots of wood working / turning tools.
Gauge block set and pin gauge set.
Various micrometers.
Drill press and band saw.
Various raw stock in wood and metals.
Tool bags, cabinets, drawers, jewelry splys, laser, books, etc.

CNC router mill

Hand router

Sherline lathe with stepper motors. CNC mod in the works.

Forstner bit set

Probably a good idea to call Jesse at the above no to make sure someone is at the house.

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Laser? Looking at the pictures I could see one but not able to tell what make/model. Was it an Epilog Laser?

Don’t think it is an Epilog. Guessing bed is ~2’ x 2’. Might give Jesse a call and see if he can send you a pict.

I dropped by the estate sale for Nick today. It’s not drawing very many tool users. Those of you in particular who are metal workers and would benefit from precision calipers and various kinds of measuring standards and those of you who are leather workers, would have a field day. Prices are generous because they really want to get rid of it so they can close the house down.

Oh I forgot, there are some Robert Sorby lathe chisels in one of the cabinets out in the driveway and possibly some more in the garage.

I plan on going by tomorrow morning myself. Got tied up today in traffic.

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Pretty sure it’s a Universal laser.

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Some pics of laser

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More leather stuff

And lotsa stamps not pictured

Rockier cnc router asking $2K

Woodworkers bench

Wood threading taps and dies