Arduino Nano Transmitter and Receiver Issues testing custom drone



We are building a drone using the following youtube videos and all the pieces have been tested individually. We are exactly using all the parts as mentioned in the videos.

As part of the integration testing, we started testing the Transmitter first and we got the transmitter to work but then not sure what happened, the joystick movement is not changing the values in the Arduino IDE serial monitor. We need help with the transmitter and receiver testing and kind of need an urgent help.

Arduino drone - Part2 Transmitter & Receiver
Arduino drone - Part3 Drone built – https: // watch? v= v i SsssQZ-to&t=0s
Arduino drone - Part1 Flight Controller



Hi Karthik, I am the gentlemen who met with you this evening in the electronics room.

My immediate suggestions:

  1. the system needs more power in milliamps on your joystick controller section rather than running on a tiny a23 battery. try a larger rechargeable battery, or a lantern style battery, subject to the board’s input power requirements.

  2. the youth should “test” the cases of the joystick transmitter section is fully sending all the appropriate signals. this is done with the other wireless module running directly on the PC
    if it works sometimes, and then stops… then this is where I would suggest stopping and solving this issue before worrying about anything else.

  3. then work on the logic of operating the drone motors, paying particular attention to requiring a full stick movement before the enable pin can be turned on etc.

These bright young minds should be commended for their work so far. Since the DMS is all volunteer, no one person can volunteer another person’s time etc. I would suggest you look at our calendar of events for the teachers who instruct on arduinos, etc. and also reach out to them.


Last night I had a phone conversation with Karthik and will be meeting him at the space today at 3:30. It sounds like he has a very ambitious project and is probably new to Arduino and electronics. He can probably use all the help he can get. You are welcome to join and pitch in.

@kj09games - As Doug mentioned, DMS is an all volunteer organization. We have many members with expertise in these areas and members are often willing to help as they are able. I put out a call for assistance above. Please reply with a full description of what you have done, what works and what is not working. There is no guarantee but this could stir up interest and bring in help. No one except Doug and I have much knowledge of your project. My time is limited as others are as well. A good description of your status will tend to stimulate interest in helping you.

@Bernard_Gray @Team_Electronics


Try @Team_Aerospace


Thank you for all the replies are here few details on what has been done -

  1. The flight controller has been built and individually tested on the Arduino IDE and the flight movement has been detected.
  2. The receiver and the transmitter have been built and are currently being tested.
  3. We made sure all the Schematics look good and tested the transmitter as per the above links and the joystick movement was detected in the Serial Monitor.
  4. The transmitter was connected to a UNO and the Schematics of NRF24 module of the transmitter has been replicated on the UNO. Initially when the joystick was moved the Serial values changed as per the movement. When we try to connect to the actual receiver with the same code, the transmitter and the receiver are not talking to each other.
  5. We think the problem is with the code within the transmitter and the receiver and need some help in uploading the code to both of them.
  6. We have all the wires fixed and just need to test these 2 pieces before integrating it on the flight i controller

Attached are the pictures of the Receiver and the Transmitter.

We will be there at Dallas Makerspace around 3.30pm to meet Brady and appreciate all the help.




Thanks for the status and pix. See you at 3:30.

Everyone invited!