Arduino joystick

Seeking advice.
With more time to tinker, I’ve put together a pan/tilt gimbal with servos and connected a joystick to control it via an Arduino. The joystick module I used is the common 5-pin, this one:

The particular component I used has a malfunction. I ordered a couple more, but it got me thinking about possibilities of using something more “robust”.

Any suggestions on a heartier dual axis joystick solution? I have an old CH products flightstick with 15-pin connector, but I’m wondering if hacking it for use might be (a) overkill, and (b) above my abilities.

Thanks in advance,

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If you’ve got an old wii nunchuk laying around, I’ve heard you can hook those up to arduinos. Check out this link

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Thanks so much, @Popcorn!
I purchased a used wii nunchuck online, so I’ll report back later how it works out once it comes in and I get a chance to play with it.

In the meantime, I also found a good step-by-step article that describes the use of the Processing platform and the Arduino Firmata sketch to control a servo using a console controller. The article uses an Xbox controller; I used an old Nintendo switch controller.

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Received the wii nunchuck, as well as a Wiichuck adapter allowing simple I2C integration.