Aquaponics at DMS?

Hey Science,
I have seen that there has been some interest in Aquaponics here in the past, and maybe we used to even have an aquaponics system?

Is it possible to get this going again? Please let me know what I can do!

Thanks : )


I am working on a hydroponics project of my own, so I would also be very interested in making an aquaponics system


I’ve set up a couple at fish farms and larger bait shops to get rid of ammonia/nitrates in the water. The plants becoming massive from all the nutrients was a side benefit.

Bluegill and goldfish happen to be the best kind of fish for aquaponics, and a very small set up can be made.


Any tricks on the best/most efficient method of keeping the fish? Like depth, concentration, plants to grow them with, etc.


Depends on size and concentration. I’ve dealt primarily with the water biology side (in a heavily red neck style - I’m not a biologist) where the concern was filtering and cleaning water for large numbers of fish.

I don’t remember the quantity of urine produced, but it’s ridiculous. One or two will help a small garden handily.

This is a question I will ask my biologist friends.


The last one was not maintained regularly enough and often had gnats flying around. On the next one, please have a regular schedule and more than one person doing maintenance.


I’m interested in hydroponics and aquaponics


Sounds like we need to add some venus fly traps to the ecosystem to help with the gnat problem.

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As the Science chair I usually encourage projects, but to be honest with you, we had an Aquaonics project before, but it became a major source of mold and gnats.

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We may be able to build it and then keep it at some food pantry or community garden.