Applications Development Track -- Restarting in the Spring (not in January)

Hi – my name is Kirk Keeter and for much of the last year, I’ve been teaching some courses on developing Web and Mobile applications using Ruby / Rails / React and React native.

A number of people have asked me when we are starting back up, and I’ve been telling them “The first of the year.” It looks like that is going to be moved to at least February and possibly March.

I want to make sure that I have the time necessary to help everyone that’s in the existing class get the assistance they need to complete their projects and complete the curriculum. I rushed starting the second set of classes (the one that is going now) and we didn’t finish strongly with the first set of students. Not willing to risk that happening again.

If you’re one of the people I told January – my apologies. As soon as we get closer to knowing when the 3rd time will start – I’ll announce it on here.

It’s going to be “new and improved” as we’re evolving the curriculum every time to reflect what worked and what didn’t work.

Keep on makin’
Kirk Keeter


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Hi Kirk,

Thanks for conducting another series on Ruby on Rails. At your orientation you mentioned classes on They have discounted classes for $9.99 that ends today. Please provide a list of classes so we may take advantage of this discount.

I attended the first incarnation of this class and it seems like the format/content might be changing this round, but for the React & React Native components, I found Stephen Grider’s courses to be helpful:
Modern React with Redux
Complete React Native and Redux

Also, I think udemy courses are on sale very frequently. I think if you clear your cookies and visit the site, there’s a sale every couple of weeks or so.

my 2 cents - If you are new to programming and would like learn front end frameworks like React/Angular/Vue etc, please learn Java Script first.

Hi Maven, I took Kirk’s class last year and have since been swimming in the deep end of Ruby on Rails. I haven’t taken any from Udemy, but I did take Kevin Skoglund’s classes on (which can be free if you have a Dallas library card).

If you’re brand-spankin’ new to programming, then I’d recommend just starting with Ruby (or if you’re feeling brave, do Ruby and Rails concurrently):

If you’re ready for Rails, I’d recommend starting with the Rails version 4 course, since many productions apps are still on Rails 4 and haven’t upgraded to 5 yet. Afterward you can learn Rails 5 and appreciate the changes.

This is just my opinion as a boot- and Kirk-camp grad and gainfully employed Rubyist. Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any follow up questions.

Thanks @aaron,

The Hurst library discontinued their Lynda subscription. I will look into Dallas again.

I’m not new to programming. I may have fallen into unemy’s marketing trap by buying several classes last night before the $9.99 discount ended to only find out today that the deadline as extended again. I will provide feedback to the quality of these courses as I work through them.

Which one did you buy?

Here is a list of what I purchased in the order I plan to complete them, unless I hear otherwise:

  • Accelerated ES6 javaScript Traniing by Maximillian…
  • React JU, Angular & Vue JS - Quickstart & comparison
  • The ultimate Vue 2 crash course - learn by example by Gary Simon
  • Vue JS2 - The Complete Guide (incl.Vue Router & VUEx) by Maximillian…
  • Javascript and Ruby on Rails with React,k Angula,k and Vue by Mashrur Hossain
  • Dissecting Ruby on Rails 5 - Become a professional by Jordan Hudgens
  • Professional Ruby on Rails Developer with Rails 5 by Rob Percival
  • The complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course by Rob Percival
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