Aoyue 906 hot air soldering station for sale - SOLD

Hot air/soldering station. Works OK it’s just we’re moving and we need to pair down. It is a bit loud when it runs on hot air mode.


I’ll take it if it’s still available.

Me too but @hardsuit is first in line.

I may be selling 1-2 hot air soldering stations at some point soon. I will post them on MakerTrade when I do. Will be more than $20 though… I have I think two new in box and one used without box that I picked up as a bulk lot at the pawn shop a while back. They are up on a shelf in my workshop and as I get things organized and start de-duplicating some tools atleast one will be for sale. Only planning on keeping one out of the three.

Sold the hot air station.

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