Anyone with knowledge on fixing old game electronics?


So I fished out my old PSP-1001 and replaced the battery pack and charger after I lost the charger and when my pack started to crack/bulge. My issue was before I stopped using it the x button had becoming weaker until becoming fully unresponsive after a while. Now that I get it to turn on for the first time in years, it gives me the screen to set time and date which I can’t skip without a functioning x button. On top of that, I can’t open other apps or test other software like if it had been about any other button but the X. So is there a guide diagnose if its the rubber or the contact point on the circuit board? I opened it up and all feels normal. On top of that is there app/homebrew to test if my X and other buttons are not functioning from my desktop or straight from booting?


Several of the members involved with VECTOR should be able to help out. Possibly @Raymond ?


Sorry, but I do older game systems. I don’t do anything newer than the SNES/Genesis consoles.


I’d run a multimeter across the contacts and cross check that with the other button pads first.

Other than that I could suggest looking over if one is wanting to repair it themselves or if one wants a professional to do it.


The following fix worked for me on my thermostat temp up/down buttons, which were virtually unusable. These had the rubber pad with conductive elastomer that contacted interdigitated fingers on the controller PCB.

  1. Clean PCB contact fingers with denature alcohol
  2. Get some copper foil/tape with adhesive backing
  3. Cut out section of copper foil to match bottom of contact area on controller button
  4. Attach to button

Not sure how well (or long) the foil will adhere to a game controller button, which sees lots of action. Thus far our thermostat is working well after a month.

As @denzuko mentioned, there are repair kits for elastomer contacts.