Anyone willing to demo Dye Sub Oct 6th 9-11


It’s going to be tight all day with the party we have planned but would like to see if we can get someone demoing the Dye Sub @CaryF300 is out on a trip.

I’m willing to purchase all the blanks for you. If you have a project to complete this would be a good time to show off your goods.


If no one else is able to, I’m willing. My suggestion, to keep costs down and have a cool take away, is dog tags. They are inexpensive and can have a few different designs. I’ll be flying back late the night before so if anyone else can, please feel free.

EDIT - JDS Industries 250 UV111 tags and 200 DTCHAIN2 chains are what I have done for clients in the past.


There are still a ton of dog tag transfers in the teaching cabinet.