Anyone want some free, old (2004?) Dell PC computer parts?

I was about to junk an old Dell computer when I thought to offer its components for free to whomever might want them. I junked the case, motherboard, cables, & hard drive, but I’ve got left:

  1. Pentium 4 chip (little salvageable gold according to Internet)
  2. Two memory sticks of unknown capacity and manufacture (maybe gold?)
  3. 350W power supply
  4. Two optical drives having IDE data connectors only (no SATA) (one drive was never used; its front was still wrapped in plastic when I took it off)
  5. Cooling fan

I’ll junk these in my trash if no one’s interested, or maybe I should dump them on the freebie shelf?

Let me know in the next few days if you want any of these items.

Please look into e-waste recycling. People will come out and take that stuff away and handle it properly, rather than it going in the trash.