Anyone wanna go to the Third Monday Trade Days?

This is an awesome swap meet, not quite as good as the one in Canton but also not nearly as far! Anyone wanna carpool? I have a town and country with 3 extra seats and a lot of room in the back for our haul!

I have been considering going there, but at the moment I’ve been busy with my day job that I don’t have enough product samples or display ready to make it worth while.

Maybe next month…

Sadly they are closing down after December so I wouldn’t imagine they are a good option to vend anymore.

I hadn’t heard that…

yupp, it’s on their facebook

Damn…that sucks.

Probably more houses going in.

Actually, if you dig into the comments on some of their old Facebook posts, they said the property has not been sold. It’s certain issues have to be resolved including legal issues. The last time they commented on the closing was mid-August and at that time they said it was probably, but there was no definite. They still haven’t put a specific post about closing down. It’s only in the comments that they’ve confirmed anything. :thinking:

I’ve heard that before. No it’s not sold, we just want to close down. :face_with_monocle: lol

Haven’t been on FB in probably 3+ years.

I plan on trying to go each month until they close. I remember finding a bunch of cool stuff at this flea market when I was a teenager. Most of my vinyl record collection came from there.

Really hope they work out the issues and are able to continue operating. I had hoped to start making stuff to sell at this flea market since it is fairly close.

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