Anyone use drills in Jewelry?

I was wondering if anyone drills holes in their stones or are their drills available for this purpose? Does anyone insert a screw in the stone for necklace making?

I also wondered about what you can do for polishing if one hasnt had the class for that particular machine? Ive used silicon carbide discs on a grinder, but it only goes to a 600 grit…

Yes, we use drills in jewelry. Although I typically use the variable speed flex shaft for metal work. It could be used to drill into stone with the right type of bit, in the right situation.

I’d suggest you get signed off on the Genie in Lapidary for polishing stone. I know @mrjimmy is working on a video to help facilitate training if you’re unable to attend his in-person training.

Hope this helps.

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It does help, thank you. I’ll check with mr jimmy sometime on that. Does the flex shaft require a sign off?

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There is no training requirement on the flex shaft, but here is a link to all the Fordem training videos. I’d recommend reviewing at least the basics.