Anyone subscribe to Circuit Cellar Mag?


I would like to borrow your Feb 2019 issue.
Hardcopy or pdf will work.


Local hardcopies appear sporadically at Tanner, Micro Center, Fry’s and Barnes and Noble.


Aware of that.
Trying avoid what I’ll guess would be a $10+ cost for one issue for one article I’m interested in.

Wonder if DMS could get an education rate for subscription in pdf and put on restricted to member only access srvr.


Electronics has money.

Maybe it can get subscriptions to Circuit Cellar, Nuts & Volts, Servo, etc.


Have given that some thought.
Putting a pdf out on a srvr that’s available to the membership will probably run into some kind of copyright issue.
Hence the need for some kind of permission to do so.

Anyone have experience w/ this?


I was talking about dead tree editions. PR had a bunch of magazines in the rack for awhile, so I know that is an allowable expenditure.


I think I finally let my subscription lapse, but if I still get it (?) and have this issue, I’ll post back here.


No luck, sorry!