Anyone know where it went?


Seeing how theft is running rampant right now, I’m obligated to see where this went:
there was a PC cart that belongs to the committee and is slated for use with the CNC lathe. It was in our corner where the bandsaw and minor storage lives. It is no longer there. NO ONE was authorized to remove that other myself or @TBJK. If I have to search video it will be considered theft and a complaint will be filed with the board. If someone knows what happened to it, let me know. If anyone has a timeline for when they last saw it, let me know that will narrow the search. Unauthorized ‘removal’ (especially offsite) must stop. Everyone do their part.


Check with Rich, I believe he is using it in 102.


that is the case. the matter closed. we happily support expansion efforts. Please close this thread.

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