Anyone know any good contractors or foundation repair?

I have a friend of mine who recently found out that one of his load-bearing walls has a serious water damage problem. The wall needs to be jacked up, the bottom 12 in at the studs cut out, the base plate replaced, and new studs sistered in. Does anybody know of any good contractors who work in the area around the Makerspace? (he’s seriously like three blocks from the space) Given that it’s a load-bearing wall, that contractor would also have to have liability insurance. Post your answers here, or DM me. Thank you for any help you all can give!

A1 Foundation re-leveled my house about 10 years ago and I’m still happy with their work

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I had a pretty good experience with a standard slab foundation movement fix (i.e. placed a bunch of piers) using these guys. They: took care of permitting; used a 3rd party engineering company to review their proposals; and also a post-work plumbing test to check for potential water leaks, and provided full reporting. All work was done by company employees, not outsourced to “whomever”. They carry liability and proactively provided insurance certificate as part of the proposal/contract rather than me having to badger them, which raised my level of comfort with them. Only issue was when they refilled the holes they dug they should have done a better job compacting the dirt back in…so something to keep an eye one (no matter who does the work, really). And prices were generally competitive.

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I can provide contact info for the specific sales guy I worked with there, but it probably isn’t necessary/helpful…


Okay, they got a foundation guy. Now I just need a general contractor for them who can repair the wall.

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The crazy thing is, that’s all actually good advice. Someone on The Simpsons writing staff either did research, or just knew how to do that.