Anyone interested in re-living original World of Warcraft again?

So I’m not sure how many veterans to the original release we have, but in under two weeks (Aug 27th) Blizzard is going to open up a set of servers with the original version of World of Warcraft.
Levels 1-60, Barrens Chat, 40-man raids, all the glory and craziness. The game only requires the regular $15/mo WoW subscription to play, and servers open up in 12 days.

I for one, am excited. I remember playing WoW while I was just starting college, and I slogged my way through as a lvl 30-something to make it to unlock EVERY flight point on the whole map!. Dying multiple times to mobs who were in zones vastly over leveled to me, but I still carried through over many many deaths and did it. It was an epic journey.

Currently, I have pre-made a Undead Rogue on the Atiesh “normal” Server. Please let me know if you plan on playing. Would be nice to play with some makers.

Even if you don’t plan on playing again, feel free to add random fun memories and stories from when you use to play wow back in the day. Its a 15 year old game, that was one of the most popular in the world. You got to have some stories from those wild times!

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Interesting… wonder if we can do a Raiding LAN party at the space. Anyone game?