Anyone able to show me safety for the powercoat oven Saturday

Am willing to throw you $20 for your time to buy you lunch. I am teaching a woodshop class from 11 - 2 Saturday so would love to do either before or after that. However, I am at your disposal so you tell me when and I will get there.

I’m available after 2 (technically before, but given the way things have gone I’m expecting to sleep in :P)

It takes about 5-10 minutes to go over the spot train. If you need to learn anything about powder coating in general I have some people interested in teaching, so I’m trying to round all of them up first since I’ve been the only person teaching it. I’m planning a combined powder coating & Epilog Fusion laser class for Yeti tumblers and signs


Thanks, will find you after my woodshop safety class I am teaching on Sat.

Hi, I am interested in learning the media blasting device and the powder coating oven. I’m a new member. Please let me know how and when I can receive training for these. I am available almost anytime except from Friday night to Saturday night. Thank you.
Barbara R

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Hi Barbara,

the media blaster does not have a class but please read the instructions on the side. We recommend you wear nitrile gloves when using the unit and please wash your hands and arms before/after. The unit gloves are hard to keep clean.

For the oven it’s a 5-10 minute spot train. I should be around the space various evenings this week. Tomorrow night would be a good time for me if you’re around. Otherwise someone like @patrickpleez1 can usually help or rope someone in.


Thank you very much. Do you have to bring your own aluminum oxide, or something like?

No, the unit is services by the committee. Just follow the directions written on the unit.

How close are you to having this class?

Who knows at this point; pandemic hasn’t slowed and I’ve not had much help in the teaching department for metal stuff recently. I’m mostly trying to get my own projects done right now; got burned teaching a lot of classes the month after we reopened. I’m trying to keep my classes to required training ones for now, and I’m not the only person teaching the fusion.

We might check with @cvrana about tumblers on the laser…

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