Any way to turn the ac off unoccupied mode during overnight hours

Any way to turn the ac off unoccupied mode so that it will turn on, cause as you see it’s currently in that mode and the temp inside has equalized to match the outside temp, and with 80% humidity it’s not very pleasant! Hopefully it can be set to not go to unoccupied after a certain hour

Check your photo closer, indoor humidity is 38% which is pretty good. I don’t know how to temporarily kick it into occupied mode

That unit is down at the moment awaiting repairs. The repairs are in progress.


Yea but it was also a degree hotter than the outside, and I didn’t know about the repairs, if I had I wouldn’t have posted this ****please disregard

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In the future, please help us by NOT touching A/C thermostats. If you feel there should be a change, please make a post here on talk. Changing or attempting to change the thermostats without knowledge of situations that may be going on doesn’t help anyone.




Freddy will come popping through the door…


It’s totally true, I sit around all day watching for people to mess with the thermostat and then yell at them!


I never bother with trying to change them, I know they’re locked out so all I can do is bring it Up on talk

The ac is fixed now for this area as well as the 104 restrooms


Thank you.

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