Any updates on upcoming classes or additional authorizer training

Hey everyone,

I hate to beat a dead horse, but it’s been over half a year since I joined the space and there has been no clear communication around when those of us not previously authorized can be trained on the MultiCam. I’m happy to pay the required fees for training, and even willing to help out on future authorizations if needed. My intention is not to ruffle any feathers with this post, but to start a productive dialogue around how we can get more people authorized on this machine and increase the number of approved trainers.



Just out of curiosity, have you taken either of the Shapeoko classes? I understand that those are going to be considered a prerequisite for the Multicam.

Like – they’re slower, so you have a smidgen more time to stop the machine if you’ve goofed up your file.

Yes I took the Shapeoko 2 class several weeks ago.

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This is already ongoing with a group of about thirty members. I expect the series of classes will be taking new candidates starting early January. If you want a head start, take the time to learn Vcarve. It is the basis for the training classes. You will also want to learn and use the Shapeoko in plastics on a few peojects. Think of it as the first car that isn’t a race car.