I needed CNC training updated

Can anyone schedule a meetup for the cnc training update? I’ve used this machine more the 30 times pre-Covid and would like to complete a few Christmas presents. I can pay for the time.

I also would like training and am willing to pay. I was qualified before COVID as well.

We’d be willing to pay for whomever can get us signed off…would $50 do the trick?

He can’t be the only trainer? Shouldn’t the board have alternates to ensure membership continuity?

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He’s the one that has stepped up - should/could there be more, of course. But being a volunteer-run organization requires people to sign up and donate their time.

I know developing new instruction/classes takes time and he’s now working on getting people trained, but he’s also working on making a living. I’m not sure how much help he’s had along the way - but I don’t think he’s refusing much either.

I really do understand the frustration, but the only real answer is more volunteer support.


I am willing to pay $50 for training that should be sufficient to get me signed off (I understand that if I can not master the materiel I may not pass, but I will still pay for the class). I also understand if no one that is qualified has the time right now. I will keep a lookout for a class on the calendar. Thanks.

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There you have it…$100 to anyone willing to step in either after work hours or on the weekend… even though we have already paid the first time.

Is there an initial training class for the router? I would match the $100 for the class and challenge others to chip in.

I’m late to the party. Did anything ever occur in this thread? I’ve used the machine less than Valhalla but have been there post covid within the past 6 month and used to do maintenance cleaning on it. Unless something has changed majorly I have some cliffnotes would be happy to try to go through it one night. Let me know if interest and we can plan one night after Thanksgiving.

One huge thing that has changed is the prior users need to re-pass the class. There was soooo much damage caused by previous users that they scrapped the whole AD group.

Here’s a relevant link: