Any suggestions for soil testing?

I’ve recently got access to some land that once had a home on it, and I’d love to do some gardening, but I want to check for contaminants first. I checked out the available tests from the AgriLife Ext Office, but those seemed to be all about nutrients. Does anyone know of somewhere that might conduct such tests? Could such a test be done by someone who took college Chemistry classes and has access to the space?

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Neil Speery has a weekly gardening show on WBAP. He’s closely tied into all kinds of AG Services, Extension services, etc. You may want to email him or call his show and ask. He might get you pointed to the right people.


Thank you both for the info, I really appreciate it!

You might get in touch with Pace Analytical. They are one of the labs that we use.

Pace Analytical
3714, 400 W Bethany Dr # 190, Allen, TX 75013
(972) 727-1123