Any of our turners bought one of those pepper mill kits?

I was thinking of buying a pepper mill kit (like here but was wondering about the quality of them. Do the internal mechanisms even make for a good pepper mill (i.e. do a good job grinding at various coarseness levels) or should I just buy a pepper mill from a reputable brand?

Also any opinions on the ‘t’, crank, or twist pepper mill options as to which works best?


I know you’ve turned a few. Any thoughts on this brand?

I have only turned the crushgrind brand. They work great but are pretty expensive. I generally follow this recipe:

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I made a set of the 4" ones for @Webdevel a few years ago and they seem to be holding up. I tagged him in case he wants to chime in.

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Yup. Near daily use and they’re as good as the day @Lordrook gifted them to me!

Do you happen to know what brand of mechanisms you used/where you got them?

PSI, directly from the site you linked. looks like you’re just looking at the slightly larger model.

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Here is a combination salt shaker & pepper mill that I recently made. It stands 6" tall, is from Woodcraft, $7.25. I liked it, so I bought a couple more.

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