Any Gardeners at DMS?

I got an email from one of my favorite places to buy gardening seeds and supplies from: Territorial Seed Company. In the email was an advertisement for this:

which is used to plant seeds. It costs $34. I thought I could turn the shape from some maple I already have, turn a metal tip from some metal I already have and laser the numbers and measurements on it, too. Of course, I’d have a lot more than $34 worth of time in it, but hey isn’t that the way a maker thinks?

Anyway, I don’t really need another dibber since I already have one, but it does make me wonder about making a bunch of them in a class…hmmm.


I think that would be a great class! I made several this year for neighbors and they like them quite a bit!

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If I’m being honest: I’m terrible about committing to things right now because of life
BUT I think this is a fun idea and if I’m available I’d def consider taking as a class.

Count me in!

Count me in, too!

Just to clarify - The ones I made were wood only and not laser etched. I did groove “Inch” marks up to about four inches. Neighbors say they are holding up well. Dan - I know you’ve both metal and wood lathe expertise - Is this something you’re thinking of setting up? Might be a nice fusion of metal and wood skills?

Acrtually, I’ve only been TRAINED on the metal lathe, I haven’t made much there. The wood lathe on the other hand I’ve done lots of stuff. I thought it might be fun to laser the markings and maybe even put a DMS logo on it.

I’m not a laser expert but I’ve used it to cut electric RC foam aircraft from, lasered a pen set for a friend’s 50th anniversary and etched a Baylor Bears mascot onto a Yeti tumbler, but that’s about it.

I may have to turn one just to get a feel for what is required before I attempt to teach a class.

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Sanding cord?

The tip would be super easy on the Sherline.

I did a point cut with a skew to start and then burned it with a wire. Made it roughly an eighth deep hoping it wouldn’t clog up with damp soil. I used BLO for finish - Three coats I think. I like it for tool handles because it’s still “grippy”.

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I’d sign up for that class. It’s hard sometimes to find something to make that you or someone you know needs. This would fit the bill nicely.

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