Any construction/electrical work?

I moved here from Vermont and had apprenticed for about 4 years there under a master. We did a lot more than just electrical, HVAC, low voltage/data, access controls etc. looking to see if anyone needs a laborer with knowledge for their electrical/plumbing/home networking and security/hvac, I’m your man! I have my own car! I’m extremely flexible and an excellent troublemaker that can’t stand not understanding how things work. Feel free to reach out [email protected]
Thank you!

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sent you a DM

What are your intentions? Experience level in HVAC? Electrical is something most have a hard time grasping.

You looking long term? Or just short term?

Will do. Thank you

I love electrical, low voltage and high, data all of it. It’s almost calming. I wish I didn’t have to but I’m accepting I’ll need to restart my apprenticeship here in Texas. I have a lot to learn but I WANT to learn!
Edit sorry: long term!

My experience with hvac is, my boss was the electrician called by his friends HVAC company to run all the electrical and controls (Vermont so mostly minisplits). Nothing that would require me to be EPA certified, I’d just hand that to one of the other guys on site for drain, purge with nitrogen and then fill and leak test all that. Familiar. Not licensed

Ok, here in Tx you are not required to be licensed if you work under someone with a contractors license. You are required to have “registration”, just a form you fill out. The epa 608 is not a requirement if you are not directly working with refrigerant.

If it were me, I would get the 608 asap, especially if you are looking to get on at an HVAC company. If you have it, it will be easier for you to get into HVAC with better pay. Refrigerants side of HVAC is easy. It’s the electrical troubleshooting that separates you from the majority of the techs out there. Electronics are a major part of our industry especially in the larger commercial-industrial.


I’ll have it ASAP seems pretty straightforward. I extremely appreciate the advice. Switching from a desk to the trades has been the best move ever (my lower back would argue maybe)