Any Art Quilters Out There?


This thread is old, but I’m new. So revival it is.
Lately, I’ve been more interested in doing “brain disengaged” piecing, rather than the more complicated art quilts I’ve generated. But for what it’s worth:

Judy neimeyer design paper-pieced blocks (what I was working on last week)

Block made for a challenge issued by SCRAP Denton to members of the Denton Quilt Guild.

Current work in progress. The second photo is all of the individual blocks, the top photo is what I’m doing with them.

Ocean waves quilt. In my infinite wisdom, I was compelled to put orange piping along the edges of the waves and inside the binding. Eye roll…

And these are photos of my Mr T quilt. Many years ago, there was a discussion thread on the QuiltArt list serve regarding the white glove ladies at quilt shows. Their purpose is to stop people from touching the quilts (hard to resist activity) but some get overzealous. I imagined Mr. T as a white glove lady.


I love these - esp. the NY Beauties. Gorgeous!

Don’t leave those sitting around in CA or they might find a new home … (with me!)


Your quilts look fabulous!! I started this thread sooo long ago then got sick for a while. I need to rebuild my body of work. I’ll admit I’m using the F-word (fusibles) as I get back into it. Did you put your Mr. T in the Dallas Quilt Show or Houston? I think I’ve seen it before. It so captures the white-glove-ladies. :smile:


Yes, I had him in the Dallas show the first year I was show chairman, and had chosen “funny quilts” as my theme. He went to Houston as well, but was rejected from Paducah.

Nuthin wrong with fusibles. Sometimes that’s the easiest way to get things out of your head and onto the fabric. And sometimes it’s the best solution for the design. I just stitch the hell outta stuff (thread painting) when I do, because I suck at firm fusible adhesion…

Sorry to hear you got derailed with illness. And theft. :disappointed_relieved: But to start the rebuilding process, you might be interested in joining Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA). I’m not currently a member, but most of my peeps are, and have a pretty active regional SAQA group going. The aforementioned Barbara Hartman, Deborah Boschert, Carol Morrissey, Heather Pregger, Melissa Sobotka to name a few of the members. I’m sure the group could help you get inspiration reignited.


Oh, I know SAQA. I was involved with Quilts on the Wall in Southern California for a while in its heyday. Rose Hughes, Joanell Connolly, Jamie Fingal, Deborah Weir, and Mary Taber among others. (They kept me around to do their website.) I need to recreate my body of work and more to even think about SAQA. I’m about 6 months out from being 100%, but I’m feeling much better. I have two sketchbooks full of ideas that I need to put into cloth. We should chat!