Any Art Quilters Out There?


I’m new… so be kind. I searched for “art quilt” here and didn’t find anything. One of my big loves is art quilting (as in quilts on the wall, often smaller, e.g, Is anyone else out there into that? I often do something called “fast-piece” quilting which is a way for something to look pieced, but uses couching to fake it. It is not as tedious (inventor is Rose Hughes who is a friend of mine) (and yes if there is interest, I’m willing to teach it). I’ve also been doing embroidery digitizing, costumes and other creative sewing for a couple of decades.


I would love to learn more about art quilting

I am interested in using it is clothing, I have done
some fake quilting before, but no real quiting


I do some quilting and would definitely take your class!

Most recently I’ve gotten into weaving quilt tops with a wefty needle. So much bias tape making!


There is a bias tape maker out there that will fold and press your tape,
When they were being made they were not real expensive, but now that
Simplicity is not longer making them they are expensive, over $300 and
very limited stock at that price


It is a real neat tool you feed your strip in and it comes outs
folded and ironed

Looks like used ones on ebay for around $200

this would be neat to have in CA


I’ve seen folks make them out of old flat irons.

I don’t art quilt but fake appliqué and piecing seems like something I’d be interested in adding to the arsenal of work skills


Sounds like it’d be a great class if you’d like to teach. If interested, we can help you with the process (not hard)

Ditto on my interest

Fwiw, I taught a fused bamboo fiber class a bit back and art quilting is a fab use for it. We could coordinate class timings…


I really want to learn some so I can design some neat
clothing, This was another of my tops,
the shells were painted on and then stuffed from behind


@kyrithia We should coordinate. I was involved with a large art quilt group on the west coast (Quilts on the Wall) for many years. Many of them were nationally known with their work in museums and writing articles in national magazines… Rose Hughes, Joanell Connelly, Jamie Fingal and others. I wasn’t to their level, but I took every class there was and participated with a group of working artists that met weekly to try new techniques. They kept me around because I did web pages. Most of my work was stolen when I first moved back to Dallas (thieves should check the boxes first) and I’m hoping Makerspace will encourage me to rebuild my portfolio. I guess I need to get some examples finished and plan out ways to download all this knowledge. :slight_smile:

@Cairenn_Day The shells came out beautiful. On the bias maker, that looks cool though the reviews on Amazon go both ways. My best friend has one and says the fight isn’t worth it. I use I took a class on finishing quilts from a Modern Quilt Guild person and they swear by this one alone. It was nicer to my budget, also, saving more money for other toys.


I always wondered if it was as great as it seemed and eve more when it was


I would be interested in art quilting. I am a competent quilter - I piece, (crudely) digitize and stitch embroidery, appliqué, trapunto, and FMQ using my domestic machine, and I mostly design my own. I’d like to add some art quilting to that arsenal.

BTW, have you considered the laser cutter as a quilting tool? You can cut fabric, freezer paper for appliques, and acrylic for piece-cutting templates.


I has not thought about that! My visions has been sort 'of my hang up
on some of the things I want to d

Ok another reason to up my computer skills


I neglected to mention that if you want to piece something, we have a 1/4" foot for each of the Janome sewing machines.



Here is a link to a gal that does quilting as an art form that isn’t your “grandma’s” typical quilt.
Some pretty interesting things…
She is one of the artists my store sponsors as well.


I would LOVE to learn any quilting! I sew, but I have never done any quilting.


She’s a neat lady. I saw her home studio on one of the Crosstimbers Art tours (like those ones where you go armed with a map and see lots of artists’ studios one weekend, this one in Flower Mound/Lewisville). Amazing work. Her personal pieces she’s kept…wow. And from a practical standpoint, loved how she organized her studio and wrangled all that fabric. Cool idea board too (painted wall about the size of a door with that magnetic paint so it was a giant magnetic board to collect and develop ideas on).


I think we need to start lobbying for a long arm machine!! I know we don’t have the space for it (and they are beaucoup dollars) but I can dream …


My gallery has hosted the Cross Timbers Art Guild’s reception the Friday evening before their weekend studio tour (early Nov usually).
It is a great way to spend a weekend…


If Y’all are interested in coming out for the Friday night reception - I’ll post or drop off info in CA.

Last year Chuck Baber was interested in the other textile artist / couple we have - she and her hubby are both weavers, not quilters but still incredible work and artistic design with textiles.


I would love to come, I bet we have others that would as well