Any 101 classes coming up in the near future?

Hey guys!
Just joined the makerscpace and was really looking forward to working with sublimation. Any classes, or possible time a 101 can be given?

Thank you!

@CaryF300 @talkers

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I’ve added one to the calendar for next Friday (8/30) at 7:00pm. It should show up by 11:00am on Monday.


Since you’re new, you wouldn’t know this … but classes fill very quickly. You should be camped on the calendar around the time that Cary stated it should “go live” (i.e., 11am Monday).

Until it goes live, it will show that registration is closed.


@mikekrell, I see that you are registered! Great. I look forward to meeting you on Friday!

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I’m registered for Fridays class but I’ve had a birthday party pop-up. Will you be offering this class again soon?

I plan to offer it twice in September.

I just lost my sitter last minute ( 3 boys whom couldn’t take 3hrs ) and I guess we will need to catch up either another time in september, or maybe if you had free time. I don’t know, bummed out as I was really looking forward to this for the whole week!


I would love to get checked out on the dye-sub. Got any time for a class this month?


I’m looking at dates now.

I’ve posted two classes that should hit the calendar at about 5:15pm on 9/18. The classes are scheduled at 7pm on 9/23, and 1pm on 9/28.

I’m taking the class that’s tonight, but will there be another one coming up again soon?

I’ll have to take a look at my schedule, to see what I have available. We are working as a SIG to get more trainers in place.

Will there be a class coming up in November? I would like to use the machine before Christmas!
Thank you

I’ll see if i can put some classes up for next week.

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