Ansible 101 live free webinar May 19—-introduction-automating-everything-red-hat-training?sc_cid=7013a000002DX0HAAW

Replay will be available for 1 year, but attending live may afford you the opportunity to type in questions and have them answered, which a replay will not.


Great link. For those that don’t know; ansible is super easy to get started and way lest complicated than terraform, chef, or puppet.

A good book to read (though not needed) is

Plus a good example of usage can be seen in:

One amazing feature that’s not talked about much is both ansible-shell and ansible-pull

Ansible-pull can call back to a git repo for playbooks on a schedule (ie via cron). ansible-shell is a drop in interactive ansible shell.

Other resources:

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Sorry @dougemes, wasn’t trying to hijack the thread just a bit passionate about ansible and wanted to share.

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Passion is excellent when tempered with consideration for others. Plus you’re demonstrating ways a tool has been used by a fellow member

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